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Our premium imaging solutions are designed to enhance your operations, from bolstering safety measures and refining marketing strategies to providing comprehensive documentation.

LiDAR and 3D Mapping Solutions

Step into the future of precision and innovation with our LiDAR and 3D mapping services, powered by the groundbreaking Leica BLK360 G1. Whether you’re in architecture, engineering, construction, or real estate, our advanced technology delivers unparalleled benefits:

Commercial and industrial photography showcasing the Leica BLK360 laser scanner in action.

Enhance your design process with our precise LiDAR scanning, offering architects highly accurate measurements for existing structures and environments.

Our detailed 3D models streamline design, empowering architects to visualize concepts effectively and optimize space and aesthetics for meticulous projects that exceed expectations.


Improve project coordination by conducting comprehensive site surveys and detecting clashes early on with LiDAR scanning technology.

Visualize real-time project progress with immersive 3D models, facilitating effective communication among team members. Ensure streamlined construction planning and accurate representation with precise 3D mapping data, optimizing coordination between stakeholders.

Additionally, ensure structural integrity and compliance with safety regulations through thorough quality control inspections.

real estate

Create captivating property showcases and enhance buyer engagement with immersive 3D virtual tours enabled by LiDAR and 3D mapping services. Provide potential buyers with a realistic and interactive viewing experience, leading to increased engagement and faster sales.

Additionally, ensure accurate property assessments and transparent communication with clients by utilizing LiDAR scanning capabilities to obtain precise measurements and detailed floor plans of properties.

Remote Site Monitoring

Monitor your projects like never before as you witness the magic of time unfold. Each camera provides a unique perspective, weaving the story of your projects progress and innovation, and processed by our cutting-edge time-lapse service.

Revolutionize Project Oversight
Monitoring construction projects, particularly pipelines, through the consistent use of time-lapse cameras and regularly updated photos can offer substantial advantages for project managers, effectively addressing key pain points prevalent in the construction industry.
Improved Progress Tracking

Time-lapse cameras provide ongoing monitoring, offering a comprehensive view of the construction process over extended periods, from months to years. This type of tracking capability allows project managers to identify and resolve issues, significantly reducing delays.

Enhanced Documentation

Time-lapse cameras provide a visual chronicle of the entire construction process, serving as a comprehensive and easily accessible documentation tool. This enhances overall project documentation, aiding in project analysis, reporting, and compliance.

Autogenerated Marketing Assets
Our time-lapse cameras not only capture the construction journey over months or years but also automatically generate a wealth of high-quality photos along the way. These photos are readily accessible and serve as invaluable assets for marketing and communications, allowing you to showcase your project’s progress and milestones with ease and impact.
Stakeholder Communication

Regularly updated photos and time-lapse footage serve as powerful visual communication tools. Project managers can easily share progress with stakeholders, fostering transparent communication and ensuring alignment regarding project status and milestones.

Green Excellence

Our solar-powered, off-grid cameras are at the forefront of eco-friendly project oversight, guaranteeing zero environmental impact. By harnessing the power of the sun, we’ve eliminated the need for traditional power sources, reducing carbon footprint and paving the way for sustainable construction practices.

Explosion Proof Thermal Imaging

Introducing the CUBE 800 from ecom, the world’s first portable, explosion-proof thermal imaging camera designed for Zone 1/21 and Division 1 environments. This innovative device combines HD digital and thermal imaging technology to revolutionize inspections andmaintenance in hazardous areas.

Explosion Proof Thermal Imaging - CUBE 800 from ecom, the world's first portable, explosion-proof thermal imaging camera designed for Zone 1/21 and Division 1 environments. Combining HD digital and thermal imaging technology for inspections and maintenance in hazardous areas. Ideal for corporate and industrial photography.

Enhanced Safety

With its explosion-proof design, the CUBE 800 ensures safe operation in Ex-certified and rugged environments, providing peace of mind during critical tasks.

Body-Heat Mode

Experience the future of temperature screening with the new body-heat mode, enabling noncontact temperature measurements with incredible precision. Detect relative temperature differences within +/- 0.625 °C, ensuring accurate assessments of heat sources and individual body temperatures.

Improve Onsite Collaboration

Share live video and images during Onsight collaboration sessions or offline for secure storage. Remote participants can control camera settings, including lighting and zoom, ensuring a hands-free experience for workers in remote mentoring scenarios.

Thermal Drone Imaging

Harnessing the power of thermal drone imaging can revolutionize your operations in various industries.

Thermal drone imaging is a game-changer in various sectors, providing critical insights and enhancing operational efficiency. Here’s how

Urban Firefighting

Thermal drones provide immediate aerial intelligence, guiding optimal responses to urban fires and protecting people and property. Equipped with thermal cameras, drones fly over buildings and obstacles, see through smoke, and prioritize targets, providing live video intelligence to command centers.

Forest Firefighting

Thermal drones scan vast areas, swiftly identifying firelines and assessing threats. This aids in rapid detection and containment, minimizing environmental impact and safeguarding communities.

HazMat Operations

Thermal drones remotely identify threats in hazardous materials incidents while ensuring response team safety. Real-time aerial perspectives enable informed decision-making and effective mitigation.

Improved Emergency Response

In emergency situations such as wildfires or search-and-rescue operations, thermal drone imaging can be a lifesaver. By quickly identifying hotspots or locating missing individuals, emergency responders can deploy resources more effectively, ultimately saving lives.

Environmental Protection

Thermal drone imaging monitors environmental changes, facilitating wildlife protection and conservation efforts.

Power Inspection

Drones pinpoint defects on power equipment, enhancing monitoring and maintenance efficiency, ensuring reliability and safety.

Rescue Services

Thermal drones aid in search and rescue missions, locating individuals in distress on land or at sea, thanks to high-resolution sensors.

Environmental Monitoring

Thermal drone imaging is invaluable for environmental monitoring and conservation efforts. Whether assessing vegetation health, detecting wildlife activity, or monitoring water resources, thermal imaging provides valuable insights for sustainable land management practices.

Enhanced Safety

Thermal drone imaging provides a bird’s-eye view of your operation site, allowing you to identify potential hazards and safety risks before they escalate. By detecting anomalies in real-time, you can proactively mitigate risks and ensure a safer working environment for your team.

Optimized Asset Management

Thermal imaging enables you to monitor and manage critical assets such as pipelines, power lines, and infrastructure effectively. By detecting anomalies early on, you can schedule preventive maintenance, minimize downtime, and extend the lifespan of your assets.

Increased Efficiency

Thermal drones facilitate rapid and accurate inspections of large areas, reducing the time and resources required for manual inspections. This enhanced efficiency translates to faster decision-making, streamlined workflows, and ultimately, cost savings for your operations.